So part of my journey has been getting back into the groove of working out regularly. I realized pretty quickly that I got bored on the treadmill. Or I was just so out of shape that I wanted to do something else. I decided to join the Zumba class they have at my Y. 

I entered the room on a Monday night and the place was PACKED! I immediatly thought to myself, get out,come back in April. But I took my spot in the back and stuck it out. I had a blast! The instructor was fun and it was a great workout. 

The part that really struck me however, was what the instructor said at the end. We had just finished the workout and were cooling down. She started talking to us about being enough. Accepting where we are today and knowing that it is enough. There were many more words that resignated  but that was the overarching theme. It just hit me like a ton of bricks. And it was something I needed to hear. 

We are enough. And that is all that matters. 


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