There is one thing that from a very young age I have just enjoyed so much…music. I grew up on different genres from rock n roll, r&b, country, rap and grunge. My parents love music and many in my extended family sing or play instruments. It just runs in our blood I guess! 

I still to this day have a wide range of music I listen to but as many guess pretty quickly I am an alternative rock / punk rock girl at heart. I have gone to more shows than I can remember and met some really cool people along the way. 

However, recently (like last month) I finally got to meet my all time fav band, Panic! at the Disco!!! My best friend and I pretty much died and went to heaven. The moment I met Brendon Urie was like indescribable. I still can’t believe it actually happened, but I have the picture I see everyday on my phone to prove it did! 


I have begun to notice just how much joy I get from listening to Panic. I can be in the crappiest moods and hear the start of any Panic song and immediatly sing along, or a huge smile forms on my face. There is just something about the music that makes me feel good. It has been this way from the moment I started listening to them when I was 15 years old! I told most of my friends about them and even drug a friend to their show when they were in town. (My first show without my parents!) 

It is like that angel of a voice that Brendon has just carries me into a different world. It makes me forget where my thoughts were lost before and I get lost in the lyrics instead. It is such a beautiful thing. 

The whole reason for writing this post is one to share a bit of what I am realizing I find happiness in, music. And also to open up more about who I am. I know someone can probably relate to this with their favorite band, actor, character in a book. 

This would be my top list music wise (no particular order after one):

Panic at the Disco 

The Killers


My Chemical Romance 

Backstreet Boys 

Good Charlotte
Dixie Chicks  

The Smashing Pumpkins


Bethel Music 


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