I decided that once a week I would take a journal prompt that I found and write about that. I will also post as I come up with new things to write about as well, but right now I haven’t had anything too different than what I have already posted. We are entering spring so my good mood and amount of time outside in fresh air will increase. This journey of seasonal depression is a long one it seems at times.

I just happen to stumble upon this journal prompt as I was flipping through Pinterest. Great place for inspiration!

Write about the place you call home. 

Home, it can be a physical location or a space where people gather. When I am with people who truly know me and that I can fully be myself with, that is home.

The community I experienced in college was home. When I pull into that small midwest town, I feel like I am coming home. It is a place where I grew and stretched myself and allowed God grow and stretch me . The memories are full of acceptance, trust, grace, and security. The things that make me feel home.

Anytime I am with my parents and brother, I feel like I am home. We can joke and laugh about everything. We argue on things that we are passionate about or about who changed the rules of Trouble. They love, trust, and accept me for who I am. I find comfort in my family, which in result feels like home.

I recently took a trip to California with two of my best friends. This was the first time the three of us had ever taken this big of a trip together. It wasn’t rainbows and sunshine the whole time,  however we did get to experience both while we were there. However, these two ladies know me. They have experienced me in ups and downs. They know that I am more of a planner and have a hard time just going off the cuff in a huge city. But they love me through it. They know my heart and mine theirs. Even in rough moments we know each other. There is comfort in that. Security. Even though I was thousands of miles away from my actual physical home, I was home with them.

Home is where you make it. <- cliche I know, but it is so true!

If you want to join me, in this weekly journal prompt writing, please do! I would love to read your stories and journeys as well, leave a comment and I’ll come check you out!

Until next time.


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