Leap of Faith

No prompt this week. Just me. This has been no ordinary week. This week has been a game changer! This is a week that God has flipped me on my head and pushed me to take a leap of faith. Let me try to get this what seems like a jumbled mess out. 🙂

Monday afternoon, I get a phone call from one of my friends offering me a position at his church. This is completely out of the blue. We had not talked about the church in awhile and I had no idea there was a position available. I also was getting comfortable (first sign something was going to change) with my current job and where my summer was taking off to. So when he offered me the job, I was kind of speechless. I didn’t know what to think or what to say, expect I will pray about it.

All night, I wrestled with what God was placing on my heart. I am an internal processor so I just can’t shut it down. I was up until 2:30 am when the exhaustion took over and back up at 6:30 am to go to work. It started all over again!

Over the next day and a half I spoke with my parents, mentors/friends, and my boss. I had not said the words yet, out loud, but my heart knew what the answer was. God was calling me to go. It was my turn to decide if I was going to be obedient. As I sat with my boss and was transparent with her to what was going on and my feelings; she was supportive. She repeated back what she thought I was saying, and part of that was I was moving to start ministry work somewhere else. It was then that a internal struggle hit, but then a peace. Yes, that was what I was saying.

I accepted the call, made the leap. I have no clue where this journey will take me other than 2 hours south of where I currently live. God is doing some amazing things at the church and the city I will be moving to. I cannot wait to be a vessel for Him to use in that space. This journey of self-discovery and happiness just got a little wilder. So hang on, the best has yet to come!

Until next time….


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