Less is more

Prompt this week: Five things to do less often?

  1. Worry less. When I take time to be in the moment and take in all that comes with that I have more time to be present in the relationships I am in. Not worrying about what may be or could be, but what is. This is usually better said than done for me, but hey I will keep trying!
  2. Put expectations on myself. This is similar to worry, but also allows me to also not beat myself up for little things. Or big things. We make mistakes, learn from them, and move on. Give a little grace.
  3. Work less. I want to do things I am passionate about, like travel and build relationships. I want to spend less time in an office and more time building relationships and seeing the world!
  4. Spend less. Sometimes I spend money, not usually a lot but money that I could save on things I do not need. It is my outlet of stress sometimes. I’m pretty frugal most of the time, so if I think I have found a good deal, I gotta snag it.
  5. Hold in my emotions/feelings. At times I can be a ticking time bomb. So working on letting things go, talking out stories I am telling myself, and putting up boundaries and making them known. I also have to remember to do things to reduce stress!

What are five things you should do less often?

Until next time….


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